american airlines

American Airlines has been beloved by Americans through the years. However, American Airlines slowly lost brand power while other competitors showed a strong brand identity to customers. American Airlines lost its brand identity, only showing AA symbols. Also, these symbols were no longer tempting to customers. I set American Airlines as a hypothetical customer and started to rebrand American Airlines in 2013.  I'm glad that they changed their brand identity and renewed their brand identity in 2013 at the same time.


American Airlines brand was not tempting to customers anymore. Re-branding was necessary for the American Airlines brand. They used the same logo for more than 30 years.  Also, AA did not stand for anything. Re-positioning was also necessary for this brand. For solving this problem, I aimed the new branding word "Future" building a new future with customers.


Re-branding was a huge challenge. Their new logo must convey the futuristic mood instantly to customers and it must contain the American symbols.

My conclusion was simple, but it contains the complicated meanings. Once the core logo was defined, I applied the design to the various forms.


I made many applications such as a letter, business card, name tag, note, ticket, napkin and eyemask.